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Gill Gibson

Gill Gibson

Mother of 3

This is my story and I want to start with the am not’s. I am not a doctor – medical or PhD, nor a teacher, specialist or otherwise. I am not a world authority on education nor do I know the statistical criteria for neither the English curriculum nor any other subject. I am neither a dyslexia or dyspraxia specialist nor a teacher of children with special needs.

I am a Mum - and a self professed Pushy Mum.

A mum that’s pushed her kids to be the best that they can be.

I love to make learning fun and present them with the amazing opportunities which are open to them. Offer them a head start, a leg up, an advantage – anything in these times that will enable them, give them confidence, belief in themselves and empower them with skills for life.

My accolade in life is to see that my children have had an education that will permit them opportunities in life to be everything they can and want to be.

I have three children; my eldest daughter is now a doctor. At five her career choice was decided and she worked very hard to reach her goal.

My younger daughter also very bright but diagnosed with dyslexia when she was seven, had to work extra hard but has now gained an honours degree in psychology and starts her teaching qualification in September.

And a 15 year old son at senior school, a work in progress, but doing very well.

All of my children have spelling problems and have found creative writing something of a challenge that needed to be worked at. It didn’t come naturally. So approximately 15 years ago when my daughter said she was going to become a doctor I started on my journey of helping her become proficient at creative writing. I became part of the process, complimenting and adding to the lessons her teachers taught her. This helped her in all of her writing in all of her subjects. Between the two of us she became greatly adept at it.

That’s when I started to compile this creative writing workbook. Making it stimulating and fun, and without her realising it, over a relatively short period of time she became very skilled in the process of creative writing.

Once my younger daughters’ dyslexia had been diagnosed I added to the workbook and introduced sections that would assist her with her writing and spelling challenges.

Over the last 15 years I have spent lots of time developing and modifying it, using it on all of my children, tweaking it here and there and finally now I have a first class working booklet that will help all children become proficient in writing creatively and with flair.

I hope you love the idea and it helps your children too.

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