Spelling for Creative Writers

Spelling for Creative Writing

Spelling for Creative Writing

Spelling is a crucial part of English and although we have technology which can help us to correct spelling mistakes it is vital that as a child we learn to spell accurately.

A really good way to learn to spell is the method of - Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check

· LOOK - at the word, noting any parts which are particularly difficult, maybe noting the shape the consonant and the vowels make
· SAY the word aloud. Close your eyes and try to ‘see’ it in your ‘mind’s eye’. Think of the shape and the order of the different letters
· COVER - the word, but keep thinking of it
· WRITE - the word, saying it as you write it.
· CHECK – the word, letter for letter, to see if you have written it correctly. Pay attention to any mistakes. Repeat process if necessary.

In this spelling workbook I have used this method and all of the 473 of the most frequently used words in the English language are in a table to enable you to use this method to learn to spell the words.

Mastering the spelling of these words will see an improvement in both your reading and writing.

Also included are 144 of the most commonly misspelled words – again these are set out for you to learn them in this way.

These are a bit trickier but will be a tremendous help when you sit exams, ensuring that no marks are taken off for bad spelling.

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