Creative Writing Reviews

TL Review

I loved the swap out words in exercise one. It was great fun to make fun and silly sentences.”

Student - Aged 8

Cathy Review

I thought the work books were great value. I have thought about getting a tutor to help my daughter with her essay writing and spelling. It would have cost the price of the work book for just an hour.

Mum - Daughter age 10

MU Review

I love writing but I still enjoyed working through the essays as I felt it was a challenge and they gave me some great ideas and phrases. My goal is to complete and learn the list of 144 misspelled words.

Student - Aged 9

TC Review

Well written and descriptive. It gave me ideas on story themes and it captured my attention.

Student - Age 12

Sophie Review

I use the descriptive log all the time for checking swap out words. Our teachers are always telling us to use more expressive words rather than good and fine.

Student - Age 11

DK Review

My son is dyslexic and he loved the idea of having so many introductions they got him into the flow of writing and he uses many phrases from them in his day to day writing.

Mum - Son age 14