This Unique Workbook improves and develops your Child’s Creative Writing skills in just 7 hours

How wonderful will you feel when your child finally realises creative writing can be fun?

And how proud will you be when you see the results he or she deserves?

pushy mum creative writing action words

Proven and developed over 15 years this workbook gives clear worked examples and fun exercises to boost your child's writing confidence.

Guaranteed or your money back. Click here to order or read on to learn more ↓

How it started...

Imagine a small child sitting at a desk, with the tick tock of the clock echoing in the exam room. The child's little heart is beating furiously, pencil gripped tight and the mind blank. Even worse – imagine it’s your child in that room! You'd love to help, be there... that's exactly how I felt when my daughter ran out of her exam in tears...

My daughter was 10 when, tears in her eyes, she ran into my arms at the school gates. She had to write a story. And in the exam room she froze – couldn’t think of a word to write ↓

That’s when I realised I had to do everything I could to help her.

The school was excellent, but teachers were spending more time with government paperwork, regulations, league tables, constant tests and monitoring.

I couldn't change the education system - but this was my child's future - I had to do everything in my power to help her.

And so the Workbook was born. It started as loose sheets and built over the years. It's now gone through 3 children and their friends and been constantly updated to keep it current. I've now pulled all the pages together and made it available to buy in 2 bound manuals.

How it's working

My 10 year old daughter is now 27 and a doctor from one of the best universities. And I know, (because she’s told me) that the skills she learnt completing the workbook, gave her a huge advantage during her school and university life. She still applies these skills to her writing today.

Writing with dyslexia

My second daughter was diagnosed dyslexic when she was 7 and writing in a logical way was tough. But she put in hard work and persevered. And by using this step by step approach she learnt to plan her written work and became competent at writing interesting and attention-grabbing stories.

Earlier this year she passed her psychology degree with honours and is starting her teacher training in September.

My Youngest

My youngest son is still at school and more a science guy than arts. So it was important we worked on his English. He also used this workbook before his entrance exam. It paid off, he won a scholarship and his essay writing skills are now wonderful. His handwriting still needs work, but his creative writing is witty, entertaining and engaging and he gets great marks.

What age is the workbook best for?

Can your son or daughter read the passage below?

"Holding their breath, Joe and Pip crept silently towards the bedroom door. Hearts pounding, they carefully turned the handle and pushed. The door burst open and inside was..."

If you think the answer is yes, then I guarantee he or she will benefit from this course - no matter what their age - guaranteed order here.

Why can I guarantee the workbook? Because the techniques are proven with my children and their friends. The exercises and examples show how to write creatively - how to enjoy stories and word play. And they can be learnt at any stage in life.

My eldest started at 10, my other two at 9 - they used them preparing for entrance exams (age 10-11) and carried on referring to the books for their secondary school homework and GSCEs (age 11-16).

I also have mums and dads who have used the books in their work.

"I wasn't expecting this - but the book improved my writing too!" A.H. Mum of two.

Pushy Mum Creative Writing Workbook AK

For the cost of a tutor for an hour, I have workbooks that grow with my son throughout his school life.

Mum - Son, age 14, with Dyslexia

How it works?

It works by experiencing results straight away.

Immediately they'll be creating sentences that will seize the attention of the reader. In the first exercise they'll learn how to take a plain sentence like this.

"The sausages cooked in the pan"

And through an easy routine (I call "Swap Out") they'll be able to transform the sentence...

---> "The fat sausages sizzled and spat in the scalding pan."

So much more interesting and evocative!

And as they work through the examples they'll increase their word play.

→ "The juicy hot dogs steamed in the bubbling water."

I found these immediate results boost confidence. You will too. And soon your child will be adding smells and sounds to emotionally hook the reader.

Will it really take just 7 hours?

Yes. You'll see the benefits straight away - within the first 20 minutes. And within 7 hours you'll see a permanent improvement in your child's ability to create imaginative stories.

Of course, this will just be the start.

Creative writing gives a lifetime of pleasure and my children still refer to their books. Maybe, one day, they'll continue with their own children.


This workbook is successful because it encourages constant exploration. These growing creative writers will look and listen and smell sausages differently (seriously!). They will observe more - how people walk - how things look. They'll want to discover new ways to describe what they see and smell and feel. And it will be fun.

As a parent you have the chance to transform your child’s life

The whole story

The lessons show how to write a story from beginning to end. How to write a plan using mind maps so they'll even start to feel motivated and excited at the prospect of writing essays.

I've also taken the most popular exam story titles and written introductory paragraphs to start them off, so your child can practice until creative writing becomes a pattern or habit in their thinking process.

Sophie Review

The "Swap Out" word game makes it fun to make interesting sentences. And now I'm adding my own favourite words to the list.

Student - Age 11

How easy is it to start?

It's very easy, because there are no paragraphs or questions to be copied out. The working manual is ready to go; it’s your child’s exercise and text book all in one. And what’s great, is that it’s a work record that monitors improvement. You and your child can see with a little effort what significant progress they will have made.

No experience necessary

For the parent who’ll be assisting, no teaching qualifications are needed. The exercises are clear and easy to perfect with just a little instruction. In fact working through the exercises without any pre-conceived ideas can offer a refreshing approach.

And to help you'll also receive a bound reference guide and personal log with key words and phrases that will add interest and readability to the creative writing.

If you order today what exactly will you get?

I'll send you two books. The first is the Creative Writing Workbook.

Step-by-step Creative Writing Workbook to give your child a head start

You'll be sent an A4, bound, working manual that sets out simple, easy to follow instructions. And there's space at every stage to write directly into the workbook:

  • exercises
  • planning
  • dialogue sections and
  • all of the essays

No need to get extra paper, or put together a file, or find a stapler etc. Everything you need is right at your finger tips.

I'll also send a second workbook - my unique reference guide.

The companion book is a Personal Log and Reference Guide to powerful and fascinating words

The second Workbook you'll receive is a Personal Log and Reference Guide.

This A4 spiral bound, companion book is filled with over 1,000 of my favourite words which will add vibrance, colour and action to any story.

And there is lot's of space for you and your child to add your own favourites, which will happen naturally as the exercises develop word play.

What's inside?

1. The Creative Writing Workbook

  • How to make sentences leap from the page
  • MindMap Ideas
  • Writing to a word count
  • Using Dialogue to keep attention
  • Adding Word Power
  • 24 Essay Introductions
  • A tested workplan designed to change the way your child writes - forever
  • Step By Step Plans
  • Spiral bound A4 format opens flat for easy writing
  • Worked examples
  • Plenty space to write
  • High quality with colour illustrations
  • Useful hints and tips

2. Personal Log and Reference Guide

An essential companion. This spiral bound A4 workbook has a log to track progress plus...

→ 221 Onomatopoeias


A listing of 221 thumping, bumping, splattering, battering onomatopoeias so your child can revel in the sheer fun of writing words that sound exciting.

→ 480 Action Words


It’s a fact that people love reading action-driven writing. This hand-picked selection of 480 fascinating action words will help rivet their readers to their seats.

→ 553 descriptive words

"Nice day". "Nice weather". "Nice food".

I, and I imagine you and every examiner in the UK, have had enough of the word "nice"! So I collected 533 of my favourite, alternative descriptive words to make it easy for your child never to have to use the word nice again (except if they're travelling to Nice or enjoying some Nice biscuits - now that would be nice grin

  • Easiest way to add interest and flair.
  • Covers descriptive words for most commonly used, key story features - face, eyes, nose, hair, body, skin, touch, sounds, movement and taste.


Pushy Mum Guarantee
Your Guarantee

“I unconditionally guarantee you can order this book risk-free, and after 7 hours of use you'll see an improvement in your child's creative writing. If not send the workbook and descriptive log back to me within 30 days for a full refund. You have nothing to lose by ordering today.”
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Gill Gibson ♥

The great news is you can buy all this
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Remember it's amazingly simple to follow and contains everything your child needs to begin to enjoy the creative writing process.

Get started now - for girls ♀ and boys ♂

  • exam revision - great for adding vital marks
  • school term - immediately helps with homework
  • holidays - ideal for getting a head start for the next term (and it's fun way to keep fresh during the long holidays)

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pushy mum creative writing action words
The Creative Writing Workbook
pushy mum creative writing action words
The companion book is a Personal Log and Reference Guide and contains over 1,000 powerful and fascinating words
pushy mum creative writing action words
Free Gift - Pack 10 Zebra J-Roller RX Gel Pens
And if your ordered the Spelling Edition you'll also receive ..... info & pic goes here
Cathy Review

I thought the work books were great value. I have thought about getting a tutor to help my daughter with her essay writing and spelling. It would have cost the price of the work book for just an hour.

Mum - Daughter age 10

Sophie Review

I use the descriptive log all the time for checking swap out words. Our teachers are always telling us to use more expressive words rather than good and fine.

Student - Age 11